Taking Lessons From Henry Ford

In 1907 Henry Ford's first production model automobile had a selling price of $600 , he considered it a good value but not affordable for the average american. He decided that he needed to find a method to produce the same quality auto at a price most people could afford. His diligent attitude and hard work paid off and by the year 1912 he was selling the auto for $269. and in a few years almost 3/4 of all American households owned one. Now that's making something affordable.

From 1974 to 1986 I was building and remodeling homes where I found myself in need of quality affordable cabinets and after several years of
purchasing many different brands of manufactured cabinets and some custom I decided that although many of these were of adequate quality they were not affordable for the average customer. Determined to offer my clients quality cabinets at an affordable price I built a custom cabinet fabrication facility and started experimenting with various materials and substrates finally looking into imported components.

Today in the shop we assemble affordable quality (all wood) cabinets from the best quality (all wood) well machined components we can find and always looking for better, our finishes materials and workmanship
are guaranteed against abnormal fading and normal wear for 5 years including labor. Our specialty pieces and components are still custom fabricated in our shop as needed.

Bottom Line is that our cabinets are well machined of all wood materials, precisely assembled, meticulously finished, our drawers are made of hard wood and dove tailed together and hardware with soft close guides on metal brackets. Solid wood doors with soft close concealed hinges. The list goes on but the price stops at about 50% of what you would expect to pay at your local cabinet dealer for a product with the same specifications.

That's taking a page from Henry Ford's playbook and making Kitchen cabinets affordable.